What is GETA?

GETA - Giving Education To All is a group of volunteers from the UK, who were inspired to support St Theresa's Nursery & Primary school in Uganda after meeting Fr Paul Bigirwa, a Founder Member & Director of NGO organisation 'Sustainable Action for Rural Sector' aka 'SARS (Uganda)'.

Fr Paul's keen sense of social justice & moral responsibility have been the driving force behind the inception & implementation of a number of life-enhancing health, education & poverty alleviation projects in rural Uganda. 

St Theresa's Nursery & Primary School was founded by Fr Paul in 2015 and following GETA's inception all fundraising activity has provided support for the ongoing education of pupils at this school.

What's happening?

This year has been tough for everyone and no-one has been left untouched by the pandemic. It has been especially hard for the children and families of St Theresa’s school, but at GETA we are so fortunate to have supporters who, despite their own hardships, have been so...

A huge thank you to our supporters for your ongoing generosity that has enabled the completion of the boys' dormitory, teachers’ quarters and laid the foundations of the girls' dormitory at St Theresa’s school.

GETA – Give Education to All

GETA has not been able to have any fundraising events to support St Theresa’s School in Uganda for the last few months. The school has been closed due to the pandemic and the teachers have been sent home with no...

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Together, and with God's help, we are making a difference.