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International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, GETA is proud of the impact that St Theresa's school is having on the lives of the young girls in rural Kibaale, Uganda. With continued support, the school will continue to empower more young girls on the path to a life of independence and further education. Thank you to all our supporters for making this possible.

The Power of Education

I was recently moved by a facebook post about a young Malawian man called William Kamkwamba. After having to leave school due to a severe famine in the area which meant his family couldn't afford the $80 annual school fees, William embarked on a journey of self-education. He borrowed library books from his former primary school and taught himself how to build a windmill out of junk and bring power to his village. He then built a second, larger windmill to power irrigation pumps and carried on making huge improvements to the lives of the people in his village.

How to help support the Children at St Theresa's school

Since the inception of GETA in 2015, the team in association with the support of the Lenten project at St Margaret's parish, Twickenham, has managed to raise over £5,000 to support the running of the school.  These funds will be put towards acquiring additional teaching staff, completing the building work and decoration of the classrooms & school buildings, paying off the loan for the school van - the list is endless.