#Each for Equal - International Women's Day 2020

International Women's Day 2020 takes place on Sunday 8th March.  The theme this year is #EachforEqual, this is a theme that resonates close to the heart of the GETA team. It is our intention to provide equal access to education for both girls and boys at St Theresa's school in Uganda.  Year on year we see an increase in demand for places at the school, which places greater pressure on resources..  To date, GETA have been able to provide clean drinking water via a borehole project, security perimeter fencing to the school and other miscellaneous items such as a contribution towards the cost of a minibus.  St Theresa's school is situated in a very remote area in Uganda which means the children's access to educational facilities is limited.  We need your support to continue this great work!  Our chairman David Rose is running the Salomon Richmond Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd March to raise funds for the school. Any contribution no matter how small you can make will help us to continue to provide access to all children regardless of gender to an education.  #Internationalwomensday2020 #EachForEqual