GETA & Harris + Hoole raffle - 5th May 2017

Amount raised 

Thank you so much on behalf of GETA to everyone for the wonderful support in making our raffle event today such a success, and especially H + H for hosting the event.

A total of £157.09 was raised made up of £122.00 from the raffle ticket sales, £18.00 donations on the day and £17.09 from the collecting buckets.

On behalf of GETA, a big thank you also to all those who bought tickets and gave such generous donations.

The event would not have been possible without the donation of prizes from our local businesses: Armstrong Family Butcher, TESCO Express St Margaret’s, Ristorante Del Posto, Waterstones Twickenham, The Alligator’s Mouth bookstore Richmond, and W H Smith Richmond - a big thank you to them for their generosity.