Happy Christmas from St Theresa's & the GETA team!

This year has been tough for everyone and no-one has been left untouched by the pandemic. It has been especially hard for the children and families of St Theresa’s school, but at GETA we are so fortunate to have supporters who, despite their own hardships, have been so incredibly generous this year.

As a result, GETA was able to send much needed financial support to the school at  a time when it needs it most.  Here are some photos and videos of the pupils receiving their packages, which included blankets and bedsheets as well as a selection of Christmas sweet treats. 

This support has also allowed the school to pay the teachers' salaries for December, continue work on the girls' dormitory and to buy food for next term. 

Thank you to all our supporters from St Theresa’s School community and the GETA team for your generosity this year. 

Please keep safe and have a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!