June 2019 update

Fri, 14/06/2019 - 7:13am

The Team has been working hard to continue, with your help, the development of Fr Paul’s school, St Theresa’s, in Uganda. Following the successful construction of the water bore-hole, our latest funded project was the erection of a secure perimeter fence around the whole complex to ensure the safety of the school community. Additionally, a Safeguarding Policy agreed between GETA and the school was implemented in March 2019.

In April 2019 GETA commissioned an independent charity to visit St Theresa’s and submit a report. Feedback comments included:

The head teacher, Christine... is a lovely Ugandan lady, very efficient and the staff are very respectful of her.”

The children were all very polite and well-spoken in English.”

From my visit and talking to the staff I would not be concerned that any monies you send would not be used appropriately.”Overall I was impressed by what I saw and would recommend you to continue with your support.”

GETA is immensely grateful for your past support. Please click our donate button to make a donation to help St Theresa’s continue delivering high-quality education to all the children. Funds received will go towards our biggest project so far – the construction of a boys’ dormitory for weekly boarders. Thank you for your continuing support.
David Rose, Chairman & Trustee