The Power of Education

I was recently moved by a facebook post about a young Malawian man called William Kamkwamba. After having to leave school due to a severe famine in the area which meant his family couldn't afford the $80 annual school fees, William embarked on a journey of self-education. He borrowed library books from his former primary school and taught himself how to build a windmill out of junk and bring power to his village. He then built a second, larger windmill to power irrigation pumps and carried on making huge improvements to the lives of the people in his village. This was just from the books he read in the library. Following fundraising efforts, William was able to return to school to continue his education. These are just a few internet snippets that I found online, to find out more about William and his great achievements I would recommend visiting this site: .

Why is William relevant in terms of the work that GETA does? There are many children who attend or wish to attend St Theresa's school. They are just like William, keen to learn with the potential for great success. GETA fundraising initiatives help to bring a small amount of money to help run and maintain St Theresa's school. Please support GETA to help more children like William Kamkwamba to fulfill their potential.