St Margaret's Lenten Project 2022

Wed, 02/03/2022 - 8:41am

GETA has been selected as the Overseas Charity for St Margaret's Lenten Project this year. The project raises funds through Parish initiatives and fundraising events, and our share of the funds will go towards two major projects:

1) to complete the extension to the girls’ existing dormitory and the construction of 5 rooms for the teachers’ living quarters. The foundations and walls were constructed prior to the disruption caused by the pandemic and funds allocated for the completion had to be diverted to Covid management measures. Approximately £1,500 is required to fund the works. The school has agreed to name this facility in memory of Margaret Tobback who was a great friend and supporter of Fr Paul.

2) St Theresa’s is in the process of getting Uganda National Education Board accreditation, as they have been identified by the central government as a partner to conduct e-learning in the region as part of a national roll-out programme. They will initially require: X 5 Dell computers + peripherals, a Canon printer / copier + consumables, and X 5 power stabilisers at a total cost of approximately £2,000.

You can support us by attending the events in the local Twickenham community,  in St Margaret's Church or by simply hitting the 'donate' button and making a direct contribution to GETA.