Why is supporting Education in Uganda important?

I came across this very interesting article in The Guardian from 2015 . It describes the many reasons why children drop out of education at a young age. Some anecdotes describe: not having a school uniform, which can then prohibit access to school. Other experiences include: child labour, early marriage but overwhelmingly it comes down to poverty. What hope can these young people have to overcome poverty without an education?

At GETA our small efforts go towards ensuring that there are funds available to relieve a small portion of this burden. The latest fundraising efforts are supporting setting up part of the school for boarding, so that teachers and students alike can stay onsite. As the school is located in quite a rural area, the access to the school can be limited, especially for the teaching staff. Additionally, ensuring a regular income from the fundraising efforts of GETA can help to provide meals to staff and students, thus allowing an environment conducive to learning.

St Theresa's school has been very successful in providing education to orphans and vulnerable children through education and vocational training. There are overwhelming numbers seeking assistance, with over 250 children now enrolled, an increase on the 70 from the inception of the school in 2015. As the pictures show a small amount of investment can go a very long way in rural Uganda. If you can support GETA even with a very small donation, you can be assured it will directly benefit the lives of  the young people shown in these photographs.