My personal half-marathon run - 25th August 2018

As you can see, I finally managed to get round to doing the “replacement” half-marathon to make up for the Salomon Richmond Half on 18th March 2018, which was cancelled due the extremely bad weather (if you can remember back that far!) Of course, that was followed by a lengthy period of the complete opposite, with temperatures up to 34°C, which is not conducive to pleasant distance running even very early in the morning.

*CANCELLED* Salomon Richmond Half-Marathon

Sun, 18/03/2018 - 10:30am

Message from GETA Chairman, David Rose:

Unfortunately, due to the extreme weather, the Salomon Richmond Half-Marathon has had to be cancelled. I will need to wait until after the weekend to find out if the running fees can be transferred to another event in the coming weeks. If not, I plan to do a personal half-marathon when the weather improves - no sense in letting all that training go to waste.

St Margaret's Lenten Charity borehole project

Wed, 19/07/2017 - 8:13am

GETA, in partnership with other providers, is progressing the construction of the borehole for St Theresa’s School. As you can see, the first phase has been completed and phase 2 is now under way:

Phase 1 – geological and hydrological surveys and reports. (completed 4th July 2017)

Phase 2 – drilling, testing and water analysis.

Phase 3 – supply and installation of pumping and ancillary equipment.

Phase 4 – supply & installation of storage tank and ancillary equipment.

Thank you St Margaret's Church

Mon, 22/05/2017 - 9:12pm

What a fantastic effort on behalf of the whole Parish in response to this year’s Lenten Project – whether working behind the scenes, organising and managing events, donating time, talents and money – or coming along to experience our community working closely together.

Harris + Hoole bake sale - 12th May 2017

Amount raised 

Our bake sale today in partnership with Harris + Hoole St Margaret's raised a total of £216.65. What an achievement! Thanks to everyone involved: those who baked, those who gave their time and came along to help - and enjoy the goodies on offer, to all those who bought a slice of the delicious offerings, and those who were happy to just donate because they were on a diet! To the H + H staff for making their facilities available, and sharing some of their own baked offerings for our benefit. It was a really marvellous day. Thank you everyone. David Rose, Chairman.

GETA & Harris + Hoole raffle - 5th May 2017

Amount raised 

Thank you so much on behalf of GETA to everyone for the wonderful support in making our raffle event today such a success, and especially H + H for hosting the event.

A total of £157.09 was raised made up of £122.00 from the raffle ticket sales, £18.00 donations on the day and £17.09 from the collecting buckets.

On behalf of GETA, a big thank you also to all those who bought tickets and gave such generous donations.